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Magni Stock

The Magni Stock is one of Glistco's top products year after year for a good reason. The Magni Stock is guaranteed to improve your gameplay and bring your skill all the way up! VR controllers often can mess up your gameplay due to misalignment, but Glistco's Magni Stock truly gets you more immersed in the game by letting you feel this real two-handed stock. Our Magni Stock is compatible with Oculus Quest/Quest 2, Rift/Rift S, Valve Index and the HTC Vive. Made with real carbon fiber and neodymium magnets, the Magni Stock will allow you to remarkably land yourself in the middle of the game with accurate 360-degree accuracy. The feather-light carbon fiber tubes ensure your arms won't get tired of shooting, and the comfortable and stretchy nylon strap will let you feel comfortable in the game. If they don't already have the Magni Stock, it's undoubtedly at the top of their list for anyone with a Virtual Reality headset.


Saber Hands

The Glistco Saber hands are perfect for people who want to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality without the crazy shooting. Our Saber Hands are compatible with Oculus Quest/Quest 2 and are enhanced to improve your accuracy and precision and fully immerse you in the world of Beat Saber. The Hex-Grip is made to improve your grip and comfort to let you slash beats for as long as you please. Beat Saber has many different levels of difficulty, so the whole family can take turns immersing themselves in the world of Beat Saber without Saber Hands.


FrankenQuest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 has one of the most stunning visual displays of any virtual reality headset, with one problem. The audio isn't as spectacular as the picture. That all changes with our Frankenquest 2 Deluxe Audio Strap Adapter. Once you have purchased the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, the installation for the Frankenquest 2 is as easy as pie, and within minutes (seconds, if you're fast), you'll be immersed in magnificent worlds and experiencing cinematic quality audio while playing the best games the Quest 2 has to offer. The Frankenquest 2 DAS Adaptor is an essential upgrade to your Quest 2 to experience the best of virtual reality fully.


Lens Cover

With all the use you'll be getting out of your Oculus Quest/Quest 2, you'll want to keep it as safe and clean and possible. The only way you can ensure a scratch-free HMD is with our Lens Cover. Our Lens Cover is made from soft felt, the perfect fabric to preserve your display. When your headset isn't in use, the lens cover blocks out all the nasty particles from dust, bacteria and even sunlight, which can be damaging to the HMD display. The Lens Cover adds a sleek aspect to your Quest when not in use, and the ergonomic design makes it so easy to slide on and off in between usage. Glasses have glasses cases, and phones have phone cases, so it only makes sense to protect your valuable device with our economically pleasing Lens Cover.


Frankenstein Switch Plate Cover

Whether you want to feel like Dr.Frankenstein or Drake, turning on and off the lights will become a blast with our Frankenstein Switch Plate Cover. We know how much the dads hate when their kids don't turn off the lights when leaving the room, and with this nifty switch plate cover, you'll never have that problem again. It doesn't matter if you have a toggle switch or a paddle switch; either model will turn any room into a mad scientist's lab. Just attach it to your light switch in your gaming area, the kitchen where your tastiest creations are made or turn your bedroom into a mad scientist's lab with our Frankenstein Light Switch Cover. This gift ensures a belly laugh and an exciting feeling to turn the lights off. Cackling and lightning are not required for using the Frankenstein Switch Plate Cover.

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