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It’s no surprise that gaming isn’t just about the game you’re playing. It’s about the experience and the aesthetic. With the release of the next-gen consoles, it might be time to leave your gaming setup in the last gen and take this as an opportunity to fully upgrade your gaming zone. This carefully curated list of gaming setup essentials will give you everything you need to take your console gaming experience to the next level.


SecretLab Gaming Chair


When you’re playing the best games on the best consoles, you might as well have the best gaming chair to go along with it, and that’s definitely a chair from Secretlab. Since 2014, Ian Alexander Ang and Alaric Cho have been making the highest-quality gaming chairs you can buy without breaking the bank and ensuring your gaming comfortably for as long as you please. If you won’t take my word for it, take the gamers words. The Secretlab have had their chairs be the official chairs of many of the top e-sports events worldwide. When purchasing a Secretlab chair you have the option of customizing nearly every element of the chair from size to fabric to even licensed designs featuring Batman, The Joker and deadmau5. The Secretlab chairs are super comfortable with memory foam pillow backing letting you recline fully if you want to take a break. When choosing a chair for your gaming setup, there is no better chair than one from Secretlab.





For gaming on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, you’ll probably want to upgrade to a state of the art 4K TV. We just made a blog about the best gaming TVs which is linked right here, but in this segment, I want to talk about some of the finer details of your TV. Depending on the size of your setup, you’re going to want a TV that will let you fully immerse in the vast worlds of whatever game you’re playing. I recommend to get a TV that is at least 65” so you can really maximize your experience. 4K TVs 43” and under don’t really offer all the capabilities that larger models have, and for that reason I wouldn’t recommend one of those and instead recommend picking up a 4K monitor. If you’re in a larger space or want something new, a 4K projector is definitely an option for gaming. If you’re a stickler for details and brightness, a 4K projector isn’t for you as regardless of the projector, the picture won’t be as good as a TV or monitor. 



This generation of gaming has definitely put sound quality a lot higher than the previous generation. PS5 has introduced 3D audio which lets you experience audio better than ever before. In the Resident Evil 2 remake, using a 3D-audio equipped headset lets you actually hear which floor Mr. X is stomping on, a feature that will certainly prove to be revolutionary and essential as the generation powers on. If you want to stay true to the Playstation brand get the most out of the 3D Audio feature, picking up the Pulse 3D Wireless is definitely a good choice but if you want the best of the best or spend your time gaming between consoles, the SteelSeries Arctis 7X is one of the best overall headphones on the market, even though it was made with the Xbox in mind. If you’re not a headphones person like myself or you also love watching movies, picking up a soundbar is your best bet. Most of the best soundbars on the market are equipped with Dolby Atmos and 7.1 sound to fully immerse you just like cinemas do. 


PS5 Stealth Mount

We here at Glistco are always testing and creating new products and upgrading old ones for the next generation. One of our biggest upgrades for the current generation is our new PS5 Stealth Mount. We went back to the drawing board and upped the power of our brackets to make sure they were strong enough to hold the bulky PS5’s and they definitely are! Available in Night Black and Magic White to account for the main colour of your space, these stealth mounts are equipped to fit under most tables and TV consoles.


Simple Feet 2

The Stealth Mount is obviously a great option for the PS5 but Xbox gamers may want to pick up our new and improved Simple Feet 2. The Simple Feet 2 are equipped for usage with both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. Available in Galaxy Black, the new Simple Feet 2 have rubber grips to prevent slippage as well as reduce vibrations coming from your console. The Simple Feet 2 are a sleek and elegant way to display your console as well as helping improve natural airflow. 



Whenever I’m scrolling through Instagram, one of the coolest things about any gaming setup is the lighting. There are a variety of lights and fixtures that really bring depth and warmth to any space. LED strip lights are a must have for a gaming setup. By having them around the corners of your wall, the insides of your shelves and behind the TV, they really make any space pop and feel like a gamer’s paradise. There are also various options for lighting fixtures specified to the console of your choosing that really can elevate a space and add an extra layer of excitement. Whether that be an Xbox logo lamp or a a lighting fixture featuring the iconic Playstation controller icons, any extra fixtures add flair to your setup.



One thing any gamer needs in their space is stuff other than games! I’m talking about collectibles, posters and memorabilia that encapsulates their favourite games, movies and pop culture. Companies like NECA and Sideshow Collectibles make it their mission to design the most screen accurate and iconic collectibles and figurines of everyones favourite games and movies to display on your shelves. Funko POPS! are also a great way to show off everything from your favourite video game character to favourite movie heroine for cheap. Most AAA games offer collectors editions for pre-order which can include exclusive content like limited posters and statutes that will have your gaming space feel like a gaming museum.


Controller Puck

Our newest creation from Glistco is the Controller Puck and it’s super cool! Just like the Stealth Mount, the Controller Puck is made to house your PS and Xbox controllers in a way that is sleek and smart. The Controller Puck installs in seconds under most desks and TV consoles and comes with screws for extra strength installation. Simply just slide your controller in and out of the Controller Puck for easy access to gaming. The specially created grooved channel makes sure your joysticks sit perfectly and pressure is distributed evenly to prevent joystick drift.


Any gaming setup is fine with simply a console, a TV and some games but to fully elevate your gaming space into a gaming zone, these add-ons should be considered essential. Bring envy to your friends with these instructions to creating the ideal gaming setup to play all of your next-gen games on. Do you already have a dope setup? Are you planning on upgrading your setup with our guide? We’d love to see it! Send us a DM @Glistco or tag us in your setup pictures. 

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