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2021 is finally here. Yes, that’s right, you made it! 2020 has definitely been the craziest year and that’s why it’s time to reward yourself in 2021 with best upcoming VR games. Virtual Reality has come a long way from the Power Glove and the 2021 release schedule is currently stacked with everything from high-profile story games from AAA developers to indie online co-op games that are sure to surprise and shock. Hit the jump and read on to discover the best upcoming games for your VR headsets.


The Break-In

An upcoming indie game called The Break-In that is still in early development has been catching a lot of eyes on Reddit and various gaming forums. Jorgen Games’ The Break-In puts you in the shoes of a burglar breaking into houses looking to snag some loot. Let’s be honest - everyone has wanted to pull a heist at least one point in their lives and that’s why this game is on our list for 2021’s most anticipated VR Games. Play with up to 4 players in this online co-op game where you’ll be sliding down chimneys, infiltrating museums and staying as quiet as a mouse so you don’t alert the residents. The developers get how it could be boring to break into the same house every time so that’s why in The Break-In, every level is a new building and you can choose from multiple different burglary roles including leading communications from the van to being the first to break into the house or museum. The Break-In seems like a fun, original gaming experience guaranteed to fulfill your sneaky action-movie fantasies. There’s no release date yet, but look out for a trailer soon!


Blunt Force

If you’ve been following the Virtual Reality world for a few years now then you’ve definitely heard of Blunt Force. Blunt Force, a WWII action thriller that follows an injured soldier with a brain flipping back and forth between two timelines, pre-war and after-war, has been an anticipated title every year since its initial announcement in 2016. Playing before the war takes you on a 1930’s mystery adventure and you’ll lock and load during the war with a classic shooter that lets you choose between arcade and challenge modes. There’s no time to rest while constantly jumping back between storylines designed to keep the player on edge and leaving you ready for more. Blunt Force earned its spot on the list for its high-concept cinematic style of gaming and feeling like a video game baby between Inception and Source Code. Blunt Force is currently scheduled to be released sometime in 2021, finally!


Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual

Hey 2021, the 90’s called and they’re coming back! For new gamers, hearing the names Sam and Max in the same sentence might leave them scratching their heads but seasoned gamers definitely know who they are. Sam and Max are the #1 dog and rabbit detective team who lead the Freelance Police agency and are always getting into wacky adventures throughout New York City. In the duo’s first foray into virtual reality and first video game in over 10 years, they’ll be training you, a new cadet, through a bunch of courses and mini games and eventually make their way fighting crime in NYC with Sam and Max by their side. Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual is set to be released in the first half of 2021 to all major VR platforms. This might not be a pick for everyone but for some fun combat and comedy, you should definitely pick up the latest incarnation in the Sam & Max franchise. 


Hitman 3

The biggest AAA game set to be released in 2021 is the third instalment of the Hitman trilogy. Hitman 3, a Playstation VR exclusive, is set to follow the titular hitman throughout various locations, including Dubai, mastering the environments, blending in, and ultimately taking out your target. With the game specifically designed for virtual reality, you will be able to do things differently and overall feel more immersed while playing in VR. Simple things that used to be automated in previous Hitman games like blending into a kitchen washing dishes waiting for your target are now all up to you to do letting you fully immerse yourself in the world of Hitman. Hitman 3 will take you on a global adventure that will truly feel real. Look for Hitman 3 in just a few weeks on January 20, 2021 for PSVR. 

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