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The ground is white, the boots are on, and since it's colder outside, the time for video games has never been better. With the Holiday Season quickly approaching, here are our Top 5 picks for the best gaming accessory presents from Glistco.


Stealth Mount

The Stealth Mount is definitely one of the coolest Glistco accessories we have got. The Stealth Mount for the PS4, Xbox One and now the PS5 provides functionality and gives your console an added sleek look. The Stealth Mount easily screws into your desired spot upgrades the look of your setup. Using the stealth mount, you help your console maintain airflow, thus eliminating pesky vibrations and dread coil noise. Parents, if you hate your kids' console right in the middle of your living room, get the Stealth Mount and stick it under the TV or in your entertainment stand. You'll make yourself happy and your kid with their new upgraded gaming setup.


Simple Feet

The Stealth Mount isn't for everyone, and we get that. That's why we created the Simple Feet, which provides most of the same benefits of the Stealth Mount while adding fun flair. The Simple Feet easily snap right onto your PS4 or Xbox One console, and you can easily interchange colours to fit your mood and gaming vibe with our seven vibrant colours. The Simple Feet improve airflow by giving your console a light lift, and the rubber feet grip the surface to prevent slippage.


Vertical Mount

Every gamer likes their console display differently. Some want to tuck it away with a Stealth Mount, and others want it front and centre with the Simple Feet. We have the Vertical Simple Feet & Console Controller Mount Bundle for those trying to save space, which turns your system into a sleek space-saver. The controller mount sits gracefully in your console's groove, giving you easy access to the controller and giving it a spot so you'll never lose it in the couch again. The Simple Feet are equipped with rubber bottoms to ensure your console will never tumble or slip while putting the controller back in its spot.


Fast Charge Station

The Glistco Fast Charge Stations are a beast of a product for either the PS4 or Xbox One. Every fast-charge station charges up to two controllers at once at a speedy pace making sure you're back in the game as soon as possible. The LED light indicators tell you the exact moment your controller is fully charged and when they still need time to charge. This fast charge station is one of the fastest on the market, with a super powerful transformer making sure your controllers charge at a speedy level.


Snowman Mini


The Snowman Mini is perfect when you need a break from all the video games, and you have hot cocoa ready for when you come back in from the cold outside world. Just smash the Snowman Mini together in the snow and build a perfect mini snowman in seconds. Impress your friends with your quick snowman making skills, build a snowman army to fight the cold or use food colouring in the snow to create tie-dye snowmen.

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