How to Secure the PS5 and Xbox Series!

How to Secure the Next-Gen Consoles

With the PS5’s and Xbox Series out, everyone wants one. With massive factories and a product practically guaranteed to sell every unit produced, one would think it’s easy to secure a console, but unfortunately, it seems to be the opposite. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging most of the globe and many stores closed for shopping, it has become next to impossible to purchase a next gen console directly from the retailers. 

Being a company focused on video games and accessories, it’s essential for us to have all of the latest consoles to fully understand them and to be able to create awesome accessories for you guys. As of this post, we have only been able to secure the disc Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series S and have been feverishly scouring the web for the digital Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X. While we continue to look for the consoles just like you, we’re gonna give you some tips that will help you in your quest of securing the new next-generation consoles. This guide is primarily directed to Canadian shoppers, but replace the tips and information with your local retailers, and you’ll be perfect!

Call, Call and Don’t Stop Calling

Almost everything of this generation’s launch has been digital. Sony and Microsoft haven’t allowed any units to be sold in store yet because of the pandemic so say goodbye to waiting outside in the freezing cold for hours. Many retailers have still received units for their online stores but many of these stores might have waiting lists. The shipments are random but by calling your local retailers you may be able to placed on a waiting list or if your lucky, order manually over the phone and pick up your order from the store.

Twitter Notifications? Switch Them On!

The big box retailers like Walmart and Best Buy now have dedicated accounts specifically for gaming. Make sure to follow them and turn Twitter notifications on. When the button is pressed to release the consoles, they are likely to be the first to tweet the link out. When you see the notification pop up saying the console is in stock, make sure you press it and open the page in your designated browser. Browsing through Twitter is a no-no as your account and autofill is usually not logged in. Best Buy’s Gaming account for Canada is @BBYC_Gamers. Walmart’s Gaming twitter for Canada is @WalmartCAGaming.

Use Trackers

It’s hard to constantly stay up to date, checking your phone every 5 minutes for multiple retailers in hopes that something will drop unexpectedly. There’s ways to get around that, making the process of securing a PS5 or Xbox Series a lot easier for you. offers designated tracking pages for each consoles that can help you know when a drop is incoming or even if any websites have stock. You will still need to check occasionally, but the website makes it a lot easier to check multiple retailers at once. Twitter user @Lbabinz has been providing tweets to drops for the next-gen consoles before anybody else. By turning Twitter notifications on, you will get the link the second a drop hits, all you need to be is fast. You will receive other notifications for various other games/accessories/sales but if you want to be able to secure a PS5 or Xbox Series, @Lbabinz will really help you out.

Fill in Your Information

There are multiple retailers where PS5 and Xbox Series consoles are set to drop. There are the obvious ones like EB Games and Best Buy, but there are also ones you may not think of like Canada Computers, Real Canadian Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart. When the console is in stock, you need to order it as fast as you can. By making an account on these retailers and entering your address and credit card information, you will make it much easier on yourself to purchase these consoles. Here is a list of retailers that have sold/will be selling the next-gen consoles. USA retailers are listed in bold, B&H Photo will ship to Canada.


Best Buy

Canada Computers

Shoppers Drug Mart

Real Canadian Superstore

EB Games


The Source


Toys R Us


B&H Photo





Sam’s Club


Try to Multitask

When you’re trying to purchase the console, try to multitask on your smartphone and computer. Since mobile and desktop websites are different, traffic may be different, resulting in less load time, possibly letting you order the product first. Our Glistco team here purchased 2 consoles via smartphone and 2 console on the desktop website. Just make sure when multitasking, you’re very quick! Most retailers don’t save the console in your cart as you try to checkout so you need to be very fast during checkout as well. Try to use Apple Pay and PayPal if you can to bypass some checkout screens.


With these tips and tricks, we promise that your quest in securing the next-gen consoles will made easier! If you managed to secure a console using our guide, please send us an email or tag us on Instagram so we can feature you on our socials! Good luck Glistco Fam!





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