The Best Gun Stocks Available in VR

While the rise of shooting games in VR steadily increases, and are easily some of the most popular games to play, more and more gaming companies have launched VR gun stock’s to complement your VR shooting gaming experience. The thing is, not all VR gun stock are made equal — some are great, high-quality products, whereas others are maybe…not so great. Here’s a roundup look at some of the VR gun stocks which claim to be the perfect companion to your VR shooter games. 

Image credit: HelloReal's website.

1. HelloReal’s SnowFox Pro 

The SnowFox Pro is a gun stock accessory for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, and it’s priced at $45 USD. It’s 3D printed, comes in 6 colour variations, and uses a slide lock quick release (according to their website). The pistol is printed with precise detail and uses a textured grip to mimic the feel of a real pistol. A unique feature of this accessory is that you can actually customize the weight by loading coins into the ProSlide weight system. The customizable weight control is a pretty innovative feature when it comes to gaming accessories of this type, and it definitely contributes to the overall ‘real’ feeling of the accessory. 

If you’re into pistol shooting games, like Pistol Whip, Hyper Dash or Robo Recall, then the SnowFox Pro is a great accessory that pairs well with these VR games, and enhances your aim, accuracy and level of immersion in the game. 

Image credit: Kobra's product page on Etsy.

2. Kobra Wolverine DMR Gunstock

Probably one of the most expensive VR gunstock’s available on the market coming in at a hefty price point of $123.95, KobraVR’s Wolverine DMR Gunstock has nevertheless been very well-received by gamers claiming it improves speed and accuracy so much, you almost feel like you’re cheating. In his video review, Maraksot78 says that using the gunstock is the best way to increase accuracy and stability, and the overall level of immersion you get from your gameplay. 

The one downside of gunstocks in general is that it can sometimes negatively impact speed when you’re needing to reload your weapon, or clip in and out to switch over to another object, like throwing grenades. This is where Kobra’s Wolverine DMR Gunstock is a step above the rest, the stock is semi-permanently mounted to the controller with zip ties, this means you don’t have to fumble around trying to connect your stock to the controller — it’s already connected. If you don’t mind dishing out the cash, Kobra’s Gunstock is a great option to consider. 

3. Glistco’s Magni Stock Gun Stock

We’d be remiss not to mention our own gun stock, Glistco’s Magni Stock Gun Stock. Though self-promotion is admittedly uncool, and we are biased, we have worked hard and put endless hours into making the design and build of the Magni Stock Gun Stock into what it is today. We now have the stock that’s compatible with the PSVR2, the Oculus Quest 2, the Rift S, HTC Vive, and Valve’s Index

The stock’s carbon fiber build makes it lightweight, so you can game for hours without affecting your movements and your arms getting tired. It also gives the gunstock a sleek, matte finish — which makes it look as good as it feels. The high-pull magnets are extremely sturdy and strong: they keep the controllers firmly in place and lock in seamlessly. There’s a pivot point in the middle of the stock so you can adjust the front of the gun to where you want it positioned, and you don’t need any additional tools to do so (it uses a thumb screw). There are two attachment points for the shoulder strap as well (one at the back of the stock, and one at the front). We designed the stock to be customizable to whatever your comfortability and preferences are, so that you can maximize your gameplay and feel the stock working in your favour. At $74.99, the Magni Stock Gun Stock is much more affordable than many of the other VR gun stock options out there, and it’s quality stands out.

4. HIG-M4 VR Haptic Gun

By far the most life-like VR shooter gun in both appearance and feel, this simulation stock accessory looks and feels so real, you may have some explaining to do in case someone catches you with it (while you aren’t gaming, that is). The HIG-M4 is compatible with Oculus’ Quests, Rifts, Valve’s Index, the HTC Vive, the Samsung MR, the Pico Neo 3 and 4, and the DPVR E4. According to their website, there is only a right-handed version — which is a definite drawback for all of the lefties (unless the right-handed version is somehow also compatible for lefties — not entirely sure how this works, full disclosure). The HIG-M4 claims to ‘restore the shooting experience’, and give ultimate immersion in your gameplay by the realism of the gun stock. 

The stock is built so that the controller itself functions as the pistol grip, and the haptic feedback is immediately felt. The four-grip attachment is easily adjustable, it slides up and down the stock with two buttons, so it’s not a problem to adjust mid game (which you will be doing). By far, the biggest drawback of the HIG-M4 is its price point, which comes in at a whopping $299.00 USD. That’s a pretty penny to spend on anything, let alone a gaming accessory. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the real-deal, and are interested in a simulation VR gun stock that takes your shooter game to the next level — the HIG-M4 VR gunstock is likely one of the highest quality and optimally designed products out there.

Sanlacki VR gun stock

5. Sanlaki VR Gun Stock

The Sanlaki VR Gun Stock, which is priced at $89.99, and is compatible with the Oculus Quests, Quest Pro, Valve’s Index, Pico 4 and PSVR2. The stock is 3D printed, it comes with metal poles and M5 thumb screws, an extendable butt, main pistol grip, flash muzzle, stock strap, a double magnet for the fore-grip plus a magnetic mount for your trigger finger. Consumer reviews are fairly consistent across the board when it comes to the Sanlaki gun stock — it’s well built, sturdy, simple to use and lightweight, though it does take a bit of time getting used to. Assembly is intuitive and easy, and while you can see some of the 3D print lines on the body of the stock, it doesn’t compromise the build or quality. 

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