Best Games on PSVR2 — Games Actually Worth Playing on PlayStation VR2

If you’ve recently picked up the PSVR2 headset, and are wondering what games are actually worth playing on your PS5 in VR, hopefully this post will help you out.

No matter your preferred gaming genre, you’re likely to find something on the list that suits your style — from racing games, to first person shooter games and rock climbing — PSVR2’s gaming library, while still growing, has a bit of something for every kind of gamer.

1. Gran Turismo 7

One of the incredible feats of GT7 in VR is that shockingly, it doesn’t make you feel sick. This was one of our main concerns when it comes to racing games in VR, and yet, GT7 is surprisingly relaxing and almost meditative. We’re not the only one’s that think so — Scott Stein who writes on CNET describes GT7 similarly:

I didn’t expect Gran Turismo 7 to be the most relaxing and comforting game on the PlayStation VR 2. Yes, it’s a high-speed racing game with extremely realistic physics. But for me it’s become the most meditative PSVR 2 experience next to Tetris Effect Connected.

Stein interviewed one of the series producers, Kazunori Yamauchi, who also happens to be a professional racing driver. In the interview, Yamauchi talks about how bringing GT7 to VR was a dream he’s had since the game’s initial launch:

Wanting to put [GT7] in proper VR was something of a dream that I had since the very first Gran Turismo, to really bring true VR to the consumer level. I think we were just part of that group of people who were dreaming to see this actually happen. — Kazunori Yamauchi in his interview with Scott Stein.

Seeing GT7 enter the world of VR is something like a dream come true for Yamauchi. It also means that he’s envisioned the game existing in VR since the beginning. And now that it finally is available in VR, it’s exceeded expectations and brought the racing game experience to a whole new level of immersion that has yet to be matched by any other. The attention to detail, the smoothness of the drive, weather effects and interiors of the car (also the vivid details of the other cars on the race track) are all what makes GT7 the most immersive racing game available today (and also one of the best games to play on the PSVR2).

Image source: Mighty Coconut

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Lol… Call of the Mountain… that’s a stretch… its a boring pile… no RE? Or NMS? This list is bogus

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