How to Clean and Maintain Your Ps5 Console – Essential Tips

Undoubtedly, the PlayStation 5 is the best gaming console available on the market. According to The Verge, Sony has sold over 7.8 million consoles. Ps5 comes with a wide range of innovative features, allowing you to play games and watch videos in high resolution.

However, dirt, dust, fur, and debris from lint can clog your console’s air vents if you fail to maintain your Ps5. Poor airflow also occurs if your console is in a cramped area with poor ventilation, leading to overheating and other complications.

So, if you want to keep your Ps5 in excellent condition, make sure you clean and maintain it regularly. The question is: how do you clean and maintain it? In today’s article, we will give you a step-by-step process to clean your console and some essential tips to maintain it. 

Step 1: Unplug Your Console

Power down and unplug your Ps5 before doing any cleaning work on it. Next, use canned air to blow out dirt, dust, and debris from the port of your console. Make sure you also remove dust from the back exhaust fan.

Step 2: Wipe Down Your Ps5

Use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe down your entire Ps5. The process requires you to pour some isopropyl alcohol on the fabric and wipe down your console. Make sure you do it gently to avoid any complications. Because isopropyl is a potent alcohol variant, it can irritate your skin. Therefore, wash your hands after wiping down your console.

Step 3: Clean Alcohol Residues

Use the second microfiber cloth to clean and remove alcohol residues accumulated on the console. It is an essential step that you can’t overlook. If the alcohol on your console outer structure dries naturally, it will lead to the formation of streaks and smudges, affecting your Ps5 aesthetics.

Although you can use paper towels to wipe down isopropyl alcohol, these usually leave dust and fuzz. Instead, you can use a lint-free cloth to clean, shine, and polish your console, making it look aesthetically appealing.

Step 4: Wipe Down the Dual-Sense Controller

You can follow the same process for wiping down or cleaning the Dual-Sense controller. First, apply isopropyl alcohol using a soft microfiber cloth and then use the second cloth or lint-free cloth to wipe down alcohol residues thoroughly. That way, you can even unstick the sticky buttons on your controller.

Ps5 Maintenance Tips

Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your Ps5 console in tip-top condition. Follow the tips and tricks given below to keep your Ps5 clean and get the most out of it without experiencing any complications.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Spaces

Put your Ps5 console in the right spot to prevent dirt and dust accumulation. For instance, if you place your console in a tight-fitting space or on the floor, dirt, dust, and debris can build up quickly. We recommend placing your console on a table or an open cabinet to mitigate the risk of dirt buildup.

Wash Your Hands before Playing

Not only does washing your hands improve your overall health and wellbeing, but this hygiene practice is also beneficial for your console. Failing to do so will deposit dirt, dust, grime, and even food particles on your console, and you won’t even realize it.

Likewise, place your Ps5 in a safe and secure place to prevent pets from accessing it. Hair is a cleanliness concern that can deteriorate your console’s performance if your pet walks over or lie on top of it.

Final Words

Cleaning your Ps5 console is an easy task if you follow the steps given above. That way, you can prevent yourself from opening the console and perform thorough cleaning. Remember, you will need a professional Ps5 service for deep cleaning. Until Next Time!

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