The Hottest Black Friday Deals on Gaming Accessories

This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and awesome gaming deals will be everywhere. So how will you know what to look out for? Luckily we got you covered with our picks for the most important gaming accessories to look out for.

We’ve broken this list down to different gaming categories so you can pick and choose what will suit your setup the best. These range from PS5 and Xbox Series peripherals, to Virtual reality accessories that elevate your gaming experience.

Wall Mount for PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5


If you have a setup where you’re tight on space, then the Wall Mount for PlayStation 5 will be a game changer. Not only does it free up desk and table space, but it also prevents your PS5 from being knocked over or easily damaged. The sleek design gives it a cool floating look with nothing covering it. The Wall Mount also utilizes the bottom screw hole to keep the PS5 in strongly in place. The Wall Mount for PS5 will be on sale for 30% off on Black Friday.

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Simple Feet 2 - Horizontal Console Stand

Xbox Series

If overheating is a concern for any of your consoles, then this horizontal mount is the answer. Simple Feet 2 provides ample space under your system for proper airflow so that your console stays cool. The other benefit to Simple Feet is that they allow you to easily stack multiple consoles in tight spaces, making them great for desktop setups or confined rooms. Simple Feet 2 are on sale for 70% off this Black Friday, making them only $5.69.

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Magni Stock - Carbon Fiber VR Gun Stock


If you’ve ever wanted to up your virtual reality FPS game, then the Magni Stock is what you need! This gun stock makes playing FPS games a breeze with its premium feel and easy to use design. The controller cups have neodymium magnets which are the perfect strength for fast movements as well as easy reloads. The Magni Stock is on sale for 40% off this Black Friday.

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