Top 5 Shooting Games for Virtual Reality

Shooting games offer some of the most immersive gaming experiences available. Experience the best that VR has to offer in shooter games.

Call of Duty, Modern Warfare is often considered the gold standard of shooting games. If you haven’t checked out shooting games available on Oculus Quest VR, then we’ve boiled down the list of the top 5 shooting games to get your hands on.

  1. Population: ONE

The Oculus game library (which now has over 300 games!) has some incredible first-person and third-person shooter games to choose from. Even if you're not into traditional shooter games, Population: ONE in VR could turn you into a convert. 

The setup of Population: ONE will be familiar to you, especially if you are an avid shooting gamer. The game starts with you and your teammates dropping onto a map, and then you battle it out until there's only one person, or one team left standing.

I've found I can get lost for hours in the gameplay of Population: ONE. The map is easy to navigate and get around quickly, your player has a wingsuit, which helps a lot for seamless movement throughout the map. The verticality you get in movement is honestly unmatched, and if you find that you get nauseous when playing VR, a lot of reviews say that the gameplay is much smoother. 

Keep in mind, the game is only multiplayer, despite its name. There are 12 different guns that you can find roaming the map, this ranges from shotguns to assault rifles, and snipers. 

If you’re looking to battle it out with friends, the Population: ONE is the way to go. 

Improve your aim and accuracy by getting a gunstock to use during your gaming sessions. The gunstock makes the gameplay feel super immersive and real, so I highly recommend purchasing one, if you’re a big fan of shooting games. The gunstock sold by Glistco has great reviews and is reasonably priced. Glistco is also doing a giveaway of the newly released (and very popular) Elden Ring, in case you’re interested.

  1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Despite the fact that Zombies seem to be everywhere in movies and in shooting games in general, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners makes the experience feel new, exciting and it's incredibly tense. 

As you wander through the zombie-infested streets of New Orleans, you find weapons and have to defeat endless zombie skirmishes to beat the 15+ hour game. The gameplay and overall seamless physics of the player are so convincing, and the smooth zombie head-stabbing is pretty satisfying, to say the least. 

Besides that, it's also gone through 2 big updates recently, and you can tell based on the quality and attention to detail that exists in the game. All in all, if you're big into shooter games, you can't miss this one on VR. It's simply one of the best shooter games available for the Oculus Quest 2 today.

  1. Superhot VR

Superhot VR seems to top many people's lists of best games on VR, shooting games aside. It is, without a doubt, one of the best shooting games available on VR, and is probably one of the best games available for VR in general.

The Oculus site describes Superhot VR as “like nothing you have ever played before.” There are no regenerating health bars, you are completely outnumbered in the game, and you are alone. It’s a challenge to excel in Superhot VR, but that’s what makes the game exciting and that much more immersive.

The game has a unique feel and is an innovative take on classic shooter games through its exceptional slow-motion combat gameplay. Time stops and starts with movements you make, and the freedom of movement you get on VR with it being wireless is a huge benefit for this game especially.

It’s no wonder this game has topped so many lists and still does—it’s a cinematic and original experience that you should try for yourself.

  1. Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR is intensely physical and requires consistent skill and top player performance. It takes shooting skill and accuracy to aim and shoot well, even though you are able to unload multiple rounds without having to manually refill your ammo. 

This game is nostalgic, so if you want that old-school, classic shooter-style game, you won’t be disappointed with Sniper Elite VR. Playing against the backdrop of WW2, the game is a familiar feeling to older shooter games, but the attention to detail and high-quality production make it feel new.

  1. Robo Recall


This first-person shooter game is well-known and loved, especially in PC gaming, but it’s really hard to excel at this game in VR. You are Agent 34 of the Robo Ready Corporation. There are nine missions in total, and your goal in the game is to recall all of the robots that have gone haywire in the city and are running rampant. 


It turns out that the robot’s malfunctions are a result of an AI named Odin, and it is your responsibility to repair the damage. The game is a blastyou teleport throughout the world and destroy defective robots. It’s a great game, and that’s why we’ve added it to our list. 

Let us know what you think are the best shooting games in VR, or if you’ve tried any of the games on the list. Stay tuned for more top games available in VR.

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