Magni Stock+ is here! The new and improved successor to the classic VR stock

You spoke. We listened. 

Check out the second edition of our original best-selling productthe Magni Stock +.

We heard your feedback on the original Magni Stock gunstock. 

We listen to our customersand we’ve just launched our second edition of the Magni Stock, based on your feedback, and it’s called the Magni Stock+

The new edition gives you deeper immersion in Virtual Reality gameplay by simulating the experience of using a real weapon. 

Here’s what you’ll get with the update:

If you have the original Magni Stock, you can purchase our upgrade kit, (the Kit comes with two adjustable rail brackets; two articulating clamps, deeper controller cups and an adjustable stock slider.)

Magni stock upgrade kit

  • The Magni Stock+ is more durable and stronger than the original; we used injection molds to increase its durability and overall strength.

  • We increased the height of the cups so the controllers sit deeper and stay put.

  • We included a lever so you can rotate the gunstock and move its positioning, giving you increased physicality/customization.

  • Both the stock piece and cheek rest have been improved. We added a switch to the stock piece that lets you adjust its height, moving it up and down, for increased customizability and personal comfort.

Our gunstock pairs great with classic VR shooter games like Pavlov, Onward, and Contractors

Get the real, two-handed experience. Improve your aim and accuracy to get the most out of the game.

Check out our upgraded Gunstock. Available for purchase now on Glistco’s website.

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