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Get your tee-time in virtually with these top-rated games in VR golf.


If you haven’t been able to hit the green this summer, I’m here to tell you that the virtual green is a sight to see in its own right. Luckily, you won’t need the golf caddy for this round, but something you might want to consider is your VR golf club. Think I’m joking? Seriously — golf in VR, and now — you can swing, putt or chunk with your VR-purposed-golf-club for your simulated round. The VR-designed golf-club improves aim, accuracy and emulates the feel of a real club, which immerses you into the game making it feel like you’re playing on a real course.


Young man playing virtual reality golf with a virtual reality headset using the Glistco G-Iron product

Glistco’s G-Iron VR Golf-Club


I’m not a pro golfer per se, but when I used the G-Iron my aim, accuracy (and confidence) improved, and so did my overall experience playing golf in VR. I almost scored par, so suffice to say that I’m feeling pretty good about my golf performance these days. Check out these games if you haven’t, they’re worth a swing.


1. Golf+ Oculus Quest 2

Image of a game in the Golf+ Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality console

Image source: Golf+ Oculus Quest 2


The Oculus Quest 2 knocked it out of the park (no pun intended) with their VR golf game in Golf+ for Oculus Quest 2. Golf+ is the most richly-featured golf simulation game available in VR. You can play in single-player and multi-player, and even if you’re not an experienced golfer, Golf+ has options to make the game less difficult and beginner-friendly. A quick tutorial at the beginning of the game shows you the ropes, which clubs to use for what purposes, and the basics of how to play the game and navigate the maps.

You get three different courses to choose from with Golf+: Valhalla, Wolf Creek and Cliffs. There’s also a fourth course available for free to download called Alpine. Golf+ has been extremely well-received by VR-gamers, and it’s touted as one of the best VR-golf experiences available.


2. Walkabout Mini Golf for the Oculus Quest 2

Walkabout Mini Golf video game for the Oculus Quest 2

Image source: Walkabout Oculus Quest


Walkabout is a journey for ‘lost cities, lost treasures, lost balls, putters’, it’s a super sweet game of mini-golf that’s perfect for kids and adults. Walkabout is surprisingly realistic, each course is unique and it’s clear that there’s been a lot of thought put into the way the game’s been constructed. The design is spectacular, and many people say it’s their favourite game in VR, period. Walkabout has both multiplayer and single player modes, so you can meet up for a virtual round of golf with friends if you choose.


3. The Golf Club VR for HTC Vive

The Golf Club VR for HTC Vive

Image source: The Golf Club, Steam.


The Golf Club VR is based on an earlier version of the same game from 2014, The Golf Club. The Golf Club VR features over “130,000, two kilometer² procedurally and user-generated courses,” according to Steam’s description of the game, that’s a lot of fake green. You are equipped to play with an interactive golf bag that lets you to switch between various clubs for all your golf-swinging needs. But to swing your best and land on the green, Glistco’s G-Iron club has been tried and tested (by me, and others,) and it did genuinely improve my game and golf performance, besides just being fun to swing. 

This game also includes an interactive tutorial so that you’ll know how to play the game and get around the map. This game is also topping the charts in VR golf, and the user reviews claim it’s the best game in VR for golf. 

Each of these games brings the joy of golf into our living rooms, and in my opinion they’re all first-rate golf simulation games. What golf games have you tried, or if you’ve tried any of these, which is your favourite?

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