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Virtual Reality has been growing in popularity ever since the Oculus Rift was first revealed back in 2012. Today, there are several headsets to choose from but they all have one thing in common: immersion. Games in VR are naturally viewed from a first-person perspective so providing players with that “other world” feeling is key. It’s no wonder that shooter games are on every VR gamer’s radar. And if you want to go the full monty with your virtual FPS experience, you need a gun stock.

Image of a diy made gun stock

These gun game accessories aren’t only designed to simulate the feeling of holding a rifle, but also to improve your accuracy. They typically have two cups that hold your controllers and are attached to either the top or the bottom of the stock. With growing interest in VR esports, there are several gun stocks on the market.

In this post, we’re going to explain how to choose the best gun stock for Oculus Rift S and other headsets. We’ll also give you our top picks that are on the market today.

What to Look for in the Best Gun Stock

On the surface, a virtual reality gun stock may not look like much. It’s just a rod with two controller holders on it, right? Some may go that route and build their own and there are plenty of tutorials out there to help you do just that. Remember, though, that the aim of these accessories is full immersion. It’s more than just pointing a stick at your sensors and calling it a day. Here are the key features that the best gun stocks for oculus rift s, quest and others have that make the experience complete.

Build Quality

Rifle accessories for VR are constructed with a variety of materials, from plastic to metal and everything in between. What you want is the perfect balance between weight and usability. That’s why the top-rated gun stocks are made out of carbon fiber. The material provides enough weight to make the experience feel life-like yet not so much as to tire you out during prolonged gameplay.

Top-Mounted Controllers

Image of a gun stock with top-mounted controllers

As we mentioned earlier in this post, VR gun stocks are fitted with cups that hold your controllers in place. These are either mounted at the bottom of the stock or on top. While a case can be made for bottom stocks feeling like actual guns, top-mounted controllers are considered by most VR aficionados as the way to go. The primary reason is to allow you to detach controllers and then re-attach them on the fly if needed.

Angled Controller Cups

Tucking a gun stock under your arm while holding your controllers upright can quickly tire out your wrists. It’s also a less than comfortable experience if you want to lean in for a scoped shot or go into a prone position. The top-rated gun stocks for Oculus Rift S have their controller cups angled slightly forward to improve that experience.

Bendable vs. Straight Stock

The early gun stocks that came to market were straight without any articulation and they did the job just fine. Their primary advantage was a more consistent rifle feel. Nowadays, some of the newer VR guns have some bendability that can allow for a bit more range of motion. Ultimately, this boils down to personal preference.

Best Gun Stocks for Virtual Reality 

Now that we know what to look for in a good VR rifle stock, it’s time to take a look at what we consider to be the best on the market.

ProtubeVR Magtube Rifle

Image of the protubevr magtube, one of the best gun stocks for oculus rift s and quest

One of the most expensive gun stocks on this list, the Magtube Rifle by ProtubeVR is a premium accessory. It ticks all of our boxes and adds a few more features to the mix. It’s got a bendable body which may or may not be your personal preference. Both its proprietary MagCup controller holders can be articulated front and back as well as side-to-side, adding a bunch of flexibility to your shooting stance.

Glistco Magni Stock

We’re tooting our own horn here and with good reason. The Glistco Magni Stock has been built to offer up an alternative to the MagTube without sacrificing the quality. Our Neodynium magnets ensure your controllers remain locked in place, giving you the freedom to engage with your game as aggressively as you like. The body is a straight carbon fiber gun stock that prioritizes solid aim.

Key Features:

Neodymium magnets: High Pull magnets keep your controllers locked in place, while still being able to easily bend the controller off when necessary.

Quick-Lock: Hovering over the stock magnets will allow you to quickly lock your controllers onto the stock with ease.

Feather Light: These carbon tubes are super light, yet extremely durable and are made for action!

Easy Adjust Buckles: No fuss buckles allow you to easily adjust the strap to your specific body type.

Strong Nylon: The nylon strap is comfortable while still be very strong allowing you to increase your comfort in-game.


Mamut Apto 2.0 Universal Gun Stock

Image of the Mamut VR Alto 2.0, one of the best gun stocks for oculus rift s and quest

The upgraded Mamut Apto is an excellent stock that sits at second most expensive on this list. Feature-wise, it checks off the key points we look for in a good stock and offers up a similar experience to the ProtubeVR, save for the lack of articulating controller cups. The trick the Mamut has up its sleeve is that it can be both a top-mounted and bottom-mounted gun stock. If you’re the type that likes to mix it up or have a controller mounting preference based on the game or gun you’re using, then this stock is likely fo you.

Final Word

Regardless of your choice, the best gun stock for Oculus Rift S is the one that fits your specific needs and budget. Being able to play the way you enjoy is important so picking up something cheaply made will likely mean you’ll be hunting for a new one down the line.

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