SoloClip - Dual Solo Knit Band Adapter for Apple Vision Pro

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We recommend a SMALL size Apple Solo Knit band for optimal compatibility with the SoloClip adapters.

Introducing the SoloClip, simple clips that slide over the arms of your vision pro and allow you to use an additional solo knit band. SoloClip is designed to improve Apple Vision Pro comfort and reduce facial pressure from a single solo knit band. A simple yet effective upgrade for your Apple Vision Pro. Now you can use your expensive APV for longer stretches without feeling uncomfortable.


Comfort First

The SoloClip redistributes the weight of your Apple Vision Pro headset, reducing pressure on your face and minimizing the occurrence of headaches and discomfort during prolonged use. The SoloClip is positioned to be flush with the current clipping point of the Solo Knit band, reducing any unwanted pressure on your head. 

Minimalist Style

Preserve the sleek look of your Apple Vision Pro headset while enhancing stability and comfort with the SoloClip. Seamless integration maintains the original aesthetic.

Strong Resin

Made with a blend of high-quality engineering-grade resins, our adapters offer superior toughness and scratch resistance.

Easy Installation

Remove the Solo Knit back strap, unplug the power cable, slide each adapter onto the bands, then reinstall the Solo Knit Bands. No tools required.

Stay Connected Effortlessly

With the lineup dot on the SoloClip adapter for the power connector, ensuring seamless attachment of the power cable every time.


Works seamlessly with Apple Solo Knit bands.

🇨🇦Proudly Made In Canada

***This product does not include the Apple Vision Pro or Solo Knit Band.***

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