Magni Stock+ Controller Cups Compatible with Meta Quest 3




Ultimate Immersive Transformation for Quest 3

Introducing our Magni Stock+ cups, Compatible with Meta Quest 3 and Magni Stock+ — the ultimate immersive transformation for your Meta Quest 3. This innovative accessory ensures a seamless alignment of your VR and AR experiences, providing players with an unparalleled level of immersion. Elevate your gaming experience with our Magni Stock+ cups today!


Custom Fittings

The controller cups are specially designed for the Quest3, with precise symmetrical alignment, you gain enhanced control and targeting capabilities, making it easier to aim and interact in games.

Seamless Tracking Cups

No tracking sensors are obstructed.

Hidden Neodymium Magnets

Easily bend the controller off when necessary.

Improved CUP+

Experience the enhanced Controller Cup with thickened inner wall, providing extra grip for your Quest 3 controller and ensuring a secure hold for a safer and more confident gaming experience.

🇨🇦Proudly Made In Canada

* The cups are exclusively designed for those who already possess the Magni Stock+.

Customer Reviews

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I was sent the wrong item

Kathryn S
Fantastic Quality

The stock is incredibly well-made and highly adjustable, and can be made comfortable for pretty much any adult body size and build. The magnets are strong and stable, giving the perfect amount of resistance when “reloading” in-game. Bottom line- it feels like it was designed by people that actually play these VR shooter games, and was incredibly worthwhile to upgrade when I got a quest 3.


This converted my quest 2 gun stock to work. with quest 3. They align the controllers perfectly! Without this kit, you could still use your quest 3 controllers, but they weren’t a bit twisted off center. Thanks for this update!

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