Magni Stock+ Upgrade Kit with Quest 2 Cups+

SKU: VR-3D-10-BK-001

Color: Black


That's right, the Magni Stock just got better! With the Magni Stock+ Upgrade Kit, you'll perfect your gameplay on the virtual battlefield.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada. The Magni-Stock+ Upgrade Kit from Glistco enhances your gaming experience and technique. Feel the Magni Stock's better alignment and experience more immersion than ever before.



New and improved Controller Cup features a raised inner lip, better controller grip, and more intuitive magnet fitting for Quest 2.

V-Adjust Stock

Changing the stock height on the fly just got easier, with the V-Adjust stock you can switch heights in an instant.

Adjustable Coupling

For ultimate customization, the new Coupling+ allows you to shift and orient the front end of the Magni Stock to fit your playing style.

Solid Rail Brackets

The new and improved rail brackets provide the same functionality with a higher-grade construction.

🇨🇦Proudly Made In Canada

3D Printed The MAGNI STOCK+ Upgrade Kit will improve your gameplay and take you to the next skill level. 


  • Controller Cups+ ( Set as default for Quest 2)
  • Adjustable Coupling
  • Injection Molded Rail Brackets
  • V-Adjust Stock


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gabe Blake
Different than your regular stock

It definitely helps get a better immersion than the regular stock does, plus it just feels better when it’s glued together and stiff

Jamey Lewis

Need more swivels and mid joints

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