G-Iron - Virtual Reality Golf Club For Meta Quest 3

SKU: VRQ3-001

Style: Meta/Oculus Quest 3


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🏌️Swing like a pro with the G-Iron

A virtual reality golf club for Oculus Quest 3. Turn your VR controller into a golf club that you can grip and swing like a real club to save strokes. The G-iron, designed and engineered in Canada, features a weighted handle and a secure cradle for your VR controller, assisting you in achieving immersion and realism during play.   


  • Genuine Golf Technology - A textured soft grip improves adhesion and comfort. For long-lasting play, our grips are made from durable elastomers

  • Contoured Cup - Our strong injected cup keeps your controller perfectly seated

  • Seamless Tracking - No tracking sensors are obstructed

  • Dual-Hand Compatibility - Play comfortably with your dominant hand! The G-Iron effortlessly accommodates both left and right-hand configurations for a seamless and personalized gaming experience.
  • Solid Steel Coupling - Our weighted coupling simulates a real golf club to increase realism and immersion

  • Maximum Protection - Our cup is designed with a secure thumb screw, ensuring your controller is safe

  • Full Controller access - Complete Access to all of your Controller's buttons without hindering your gameplay.

  • Golf Games Worth Swinging - Designed for VR Golf games such as Golf +, Golf 5 eClub, Top Golf, and Walkabout Mini Golf

 * VR Headset not included

🇨🇦Proudly Made In Canada

*To ensure safety, the G-Iron will require proper space for larger swings.

Customer Reviews

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Build quality okay but loses tracking

Waited for this to arrive and was quite disappointed. The way it is designed doesn’t lend well to the sensors on the controller as they will be out of sight of the Quest 3 for a large chunk of the swing causing a loss in tracking. I should of done more research and ordered a club where the controller faces up towards the headset.

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