Frankenquest 3 - Head Strap Adapter for Meta Quest 3 Compatible with KIWI/BOBOVR M2/ HTC VIVE DAS Head Straps


Style: Adapter for VIVE DAS Strap


Elevate your Meta Quest 3 experience effortlessly with Frankenquest 3! Designed for Quest 2 head straps compatibility, our adapter seamlessly transitions your existing head straps to the latest Meta Quest 3, ensuring comfort and convenience for all your VR adventures.


Seamless Transition

Easily adapt your Quest 2 head strap to the Meta Quest 3, preserving your investment in comfort and familiarity.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with all Quest 2 straps like KIWI and BOBOVR M2, as well as the HTC VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your gaming needs.

Enhanced Comfort

Experience the same level of comfort you love from your Quest 2 strap on the Meta Quest 3, ensuring extended gaming sessions remain enjoyable.

Secure Fit

The adaptor comes with a top buckle that allows the Straps to connect with the hook on top of the Oculus Quest 3. 

Easy to Use

Easy to install and disassemble. No additional tools required. Just slide it onto the arm of your headset.

Reduced Cost

The adapter enables Quest 2 head straps to be compatible with Quest 3, offering users who already own a Quest 2 / VIVE DAS head strap a way to avoid the expense of purchasing a new one.

Streamlined Design

Sleek and compact design seamlessly integrates with your Meta Quest 3, maintaining a stylish and functional appearance.

🇨🇦Proudly Made In Canada

*Frankenquest 3 are adapters only. Quest 3 headset and head straps are not included.

What's In The Box

  • 1X Top Buckle
  • 2X FrankenQuest 3 Adapters


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